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Dolores King Art

Since her childhood, Dolores King was obsessed with painting and she couldn’t wait to pick up a brush. Her dream had always been to become an artist. Though Dolores had always wished to become an artist, it wasn’t until 2005 that she started painting on a regular basis. The artist had always dabbled in photography and art as hobbies. That dream to become an artist was awakened when she took an acrylic painting workshop. She says that the art workshop sparked something inside her. She became obsessed with her art and made it a goal to become a fulltime artist. In 2011 her life took on new twist when she lost her brother to cancer at age 52. Her brother had just realized his dream to become a fine woodworker. With that loss, Dolores realized that life was too short and it was necessary to dedicate it to what makes her happy. As fate would have it, a year later her father passed away. This was a big blow to her. Losing her father a year later just confirmed to her what she had already believed in – that life was too short – and she was convinced that doing what makes her happy was the right course for the rest of her life. For Dolores art is not only her career but also her joy. When she paints she cranks up the music and dances while she works. Today she produces high quality art mainly distributed as framed Dolores King art.
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