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Alice Kendal Art

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Framed La Mode 1923
La Mode 1923
by Alice Kendal
15" x 27" Frame
Price: $176.99 
Sale: $176.99
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Alice Kendal loved art from a tender age. She used to draw and paint any time she was free. Her talent was noticed by many who admired her work. Today she brings life to images she draws and paints. She has a unique style and this coupled with her mastery of the brush produces artwork that is both visually and technically stunning - she’s able to make her figures look so real. Alice is a versatile artist who is mostly passionate about color. She is able to transform the joy and peaceful feelings she gets from her family into her artwork. Meticulous shading, sharp line details, and beautiful color blending with the precision of a professional illustrator, Alice pulls from the page to create wonderful works of art. She enjoys exploring her creativity and learning new techniques. Alice is a multitalented artist who dabbles in almost everything when she gets a chance. She employs various artistic techniques and media which give her art a contemporary appeal with hidden surprises. She wants to continue to grow as an artist as long as she can physically paint or draw. She never wants to get stuck in a rut where she can’t progress as an artist. She creates images with a layering process of color, texture, shape and line, which articulate her mood and inspiration. She is never totally satisfied and therefore needs to paint and paint again because that’s what makes her happy. Today, framed Alice Kendal art are highly priced by many collectors due to their quality and durability.
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