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Framed Alexa Kelemen Wall Art

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Framed Terrace View 2
Terrace View 2
by Alexa Kelemen
32" x 32" Frame
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Born in Romania, Alexa Kelemen used to help her parents with their farm work from a young age. She grew to appreciate the drastic color changes that come with the seasonal cycle of the earth, and she really appreciated these changes which became her early inspiration. Alexa began painting at the age of 6 and her talent flourished very quickly. She began her art education formally at the Art Institute of Constanta with a concentration in abstract figural painting and realistic landscape painting and graduated in 1965 with highest honors. Alexa then proceeded to give still life and landscape art a fresh modernist eye. With her unique talent, she quickly built her reputation throughout Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. All her paintings are done on paper using oil and have her signature use of smooth color with blurring and eerie shading. In 1986, Alexa moved to the US with her husband and son. Here, she has exhibited primarily in New York and Atlanta. Her works have been collected by Nadia Comanici and Daniella Silivlas, both Olympic gymnasts. Her art is represented in the southeast Wisconsin art scene by River’s End Gallery. She immediately entered the Deljou studios where she produced stunning pieces of artwork. Due to the quality of her art, she has since received commissions by the eminent Romanian artist Valentin Popovidi. Framed Alexa Kelemen art can be found in many collections and galleries in the US and around the world. They come in different sizes to suit the varying needs of her clients.
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