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John Kasinger Art

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John Kasinger has been married to Diane Mastel, a fine artist, since 1982. The couple collaborates on projects at their home in Reno. Kasinger discovered the beauty of art at a tender age of nine years and recognized that film was his king. He knew from his childhood that he would become a professional artist. In 2006, Kasinger was published in Black and White Magazine, and esteemed magazine considered the principal voice in black-and-white fine art photography. His inspiration has come from the great outdoors, and this has always played a big role in his work; the artist gets his inspiration form his surroundings. — he’s in awe of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. When he’s not in his camera room at home working on a still life, he can be found out photographing a beautiful landscape. Kasinger has been a professional photographer since 1967, with fine art photographs, luxury photography, and original art being on his creative resume and in several online fine art galleries. His art is in many galleries, museums and prestigious buildings around the world. They are produced in a variety of finishing options including framed John Kasinger art. The photographer likes to experiment with different techniques and styles of photography. Growing up, he was surrounded by many supportive people including his teachers. He was exposed to a collection of artwork that he used to pour through over and over again. Today saying that his work makes people stop and take a second look would be an understatement. He earned the “Fellow of Photography” in 1982.
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