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Heather Judge Art

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5 Items
Framed Gilded Leaf IV
Gilded Leaf IV
by Heather Judge
30" x 33" Frame
Price: $364.99 
Sale: $182.49
Framed Winter Memento II
Winter Memento II
by Heather Judge
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $247.99 
Sale: $123.99
Framed Gilded Leaf I
Gilded Leaf I
by Heather Judge
38" x 28" Frame
Price: $383.99 
Sale: $191.99
Framed Winter Memento I
Winter Memento I
by Heather Judge
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $246.99 
Sale: $123.49
Framed Autumn in Umbria I
Autumn in Umbria I
by Heather Judge
46" x 28" Frame
Price: $794.99 
Sale: $397.49
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5 Items
Heather Judge has lived in Arizona for more than 10 years. She studied Art Education and Studio Arts at Arizona State University specializing in Fiber Arts. As of now, she’s continuing her studies in Italian and Art History. Her goal has been to share the skills and knowledge that had been shared with her, so that others could also find the joy within themselves through art - the joy that she also experiences in the process of producing her art. Therefore, she taught high school art for 3 years. She continues to be inspired by studying past art, other cultures, marine life and color. Her art is influenced by 2 different beauties in nature — the desert and water. The artist creates mixed media collage paintings in which she transports outside elements and brings them into interior spaces. The artist has also been inspired by all of the time that she has spent around water. Her greatest inspiration has been fish, and they have been a recurring theme in her artwork. Her art provides cross-sections of her journeys and is a reflection of her experiences. . She creates to give pleasure to the senses and to evoke imagination. Heather uses texture to build a surface that is tactile, atmospheric and structural. The framed Heather Judge art are highly priced by many discriminating collectors. She’s exhibited in many art galleries and her art is found all over the world. Many of her references are obvious, tactile, and literal, while others are abstract, symbolic and transparent.
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