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Helen Joynson Art

Helen Joynson was born in Melbourne, Australia where she still resides to date. Her art shows a variety of color combinations, designs and depth that are derived for another dimension. In her art the viewer can immerse himself in the detail of delicate movements of color as the subject comes alive, reflecting the way humans should all live together and with their environment. She says that the Message Spirit wants to associate with her unique artwork that enlightens the soul of those who view them. Her perfectly balanced designs reflect the way nature should be balanced so as to thrive. Helen likes to meditate and this seems to help her creative energy flow. She doesn't have a favorite as she’s always painting different designs she always seems to favor her latest piece till she finishes another. The more color Joynson absorbs the stronger and healthier her body and spirit becomes. Her art has sold in the United States and around Australia, and her collections include NY Arts Beijing, Child Care Centers, Hospital, Private, and Gold Coast University. Framed Helen Joynson art are the most popular with many collectors because they come ready to hang and are durable. As an Australia based artist, what comes to her mind when someone mentions London are the electric London really pumps, art galleries, and great art. The designs from her paintings are used on iPad, mobile phone covers etc., in the United Kingdom, United States, France and Hong Kong. Her art is very much influenced by the people she has interacted with.
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