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Petkov Joro Art

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Framed Northern Valley I
Northern Valley I
by Petkov Joro
44" x 29" Frame
Price: $423.99 
Sale: $211.99
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Petkov Joro (Born 1960) is an artist who was born in Tchiprovtzi, Bulgaria. Tchiprovtzi has a distinguished legacy as the home to many fine artists and is renowned for its unique style of carpet design. Joro moved to Sophia, Bulgaria in 1973. He was keen to follow in the footsteps of other great artists to make a mark as an artist. While in Sophia he attended Ilia Petrov School of Fine Art and graduated in 1981. After graduation, he enrolled at the Nicolai Pavlovich Academy of Arts where he trained on various techniques of printmaking until his graduation in 1986. A year later, he took a general art teaching position at Petar Parchevich High School in Sophia. Just like many artists, he never found satisfaction in teaching. He worked at Petar Parchevich High School until 1991 then decided to resign so as to focus on his career as an artist. Joro continues to follow his artistic tendencies in Toronto, Canada, where he immigrated in 1992. He produces an array of delightful high quality etchings and many fine originals on canvas. Not only does he have exceptional painting skills, his printmaking expertise sees service on a variety of etching editions. Joro predominantly paints landscapes but also creates some exciting abstract pieces. He’s always looking at different methods of creating and presenting images so that the final products are not only unique and attractive but also inspiring. He has been a tremendous source of inspiration to many upcoming artists in Bulgaria, Canada, and the whole world. As such there are several galleries that sell his art, with a number of them providing framed Petkov Joro art for those who would like ready to mount art.
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