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Max Jones Art

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Self-taught abstract artist, Max Jones was born and raised in Dallas TX. His artistic journey began in his early days and almost accidentally. Jones owned a gallery where he featured other people’s art but he used to paint just for fun behind the gallery. One day a publisher of a design magazine who visited his gallery noticed an unfinished painting behind his studio and got attracted to it. The publisher commissioned a piece for herself that day and made an agreement with Jones that he would put a piece of his own work out in the gallery for sale. The fist piece that Jones displayed was sold almost immediately. This ignited an artistic flame in him and he decided to produce more and more pieces. Jones’ art has been featured in many leading publications including Design and Patron, Paper City, D Home, LUXE Interiors and Texas Home & Living. Jones has spent more than 10 years honing his style which is a calm otherworldly blending of colors inspired basically from nature. Today Jones uses layers of acrylic, and he paints to create a blended array of color. Jones uses the elements of art to bring a perfect balance in his compositions. The artist works by instinct, adding one layer upon the other layer until the final image appears. Being self-taught, he doesn’t have any restrictions or hang-ups that many artists have from their colleges. He feels that he’s free to use what best fits his requirements. This ha made him to produce unique art that’s admired by even his fellow artists. For example, framed Max Jones art are easily recognizable.
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