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Barbara Jeffords Art

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Artist Barbara Jeffords grew up in small town in southern Indiana. Her art reflects the techniques and skills of a self-trained artist who’s working in the early decades of the United States - roughly from 1776 to 1820. During that era, if a family wanted to beautify their home, the family might commission portraits, silhouettes of the loved ones, landscapes or murals painted by such freelance artists as Rufus Porter. Much of the work was colorful, but due to the self-taught skills of the artists, they were lacking in modern depth, composition and scale. Barbara began her artistic career in 1992. She learned to love painting and drawing by watching her father who was also an artist. His father was not a commercial artist though. He used to paint and draw just for fun and would give his products to his friends for free. Using her memories and love to create her own body of work, Barbara was able to create stunning pieces of art, and she was able to sell her first painted item the same year she started panting. She has been painting professionally ever since. She sells mostly the framed Barbara Jeffords art though she has her pieces also produced in a variety of finishing options. She sells both her original paintings and also mechanical reproductions, framing, printing, selling and shipping them to individuals, and to retail and wholesale outlets. She also licenses wallpaper products and coasters. Today her paintings are reflections of the heartland of America, inviting the viewer to travel back to a more peaceful and simpler time. She currently resides in South Carolina.
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