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Gosia Janik Art

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Framed Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana50% Off Art Prints
Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana
by Gosia Janik
18" x 18" Frame
Price: $185.99 
Sale: $74.40
Framed Urdhva Dhanurasana50% Off Art Prints
Urdhva Dhanurasana
by Gosia Janik
21" x 18" Frame
Price: $204.99 
Sale: $82.00
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2 Items
Gosia Janik is a photographer from Poland. She’s not very talkative but is a brilliant craftswoman in portrait photography. She now lives with her boyfriend in Spain. Her boyfriend is also a photographer and they both support each other. She’s not a conceptual artist; she doesn’t have any important messages to transmit. All Gosia wants is to capture the real nature and the essence of the moment. She’s tired of faking stunning beauty and smiles which doesn’t come out from the inside. Everybody considers her a very calm and reasonable person. Although it’s very hard to teach her something, she loves to learn new things. She’s the worst pupil in the world, or so she thinks. Well, she wishes she could have more patience for her masters. Gosia loves to work with people and observe them throughout the lens. She had her own studio in Poland where she was doing lots of artistic and social photography for 10 years. Now in Spain she’s more into fashion world. Her favorite photographer is Fernando Ocaña, but she admires the works of other photographers such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Diane Arbus, Wojciech Prażmowski, and Jan Saudek. Photography always was a kind of therapy for her because it helped her to notice her strong and week points, to understand her feminity, and to see how the body can be a beautiful form and not a source of complexes. Today, framed Gosia Janik art adorn the walls in many homes, institutions (both private and public), galleries, and museums.
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