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Framed Inspired By O'Keeffe

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Framed Bouquet II
Bouquet II
by Joyce Combs
30" x 36" Frame
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Price: $420.99 
Framed Pink And Blue Flower Abstract
Pink And Blue Flower Abstract
by Stephanie Analah
23" x 20" Frame
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Price: $225.99 
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2 Items

Framed Art Inspired By O'Keeffe Prints

Georgia Okeeffe is arguably one of the most influential artists of the era of American Modernism. Featuring paintings that captures themes of the state of New Mexico, hacienda styled subjects, and up close renderings of beautiful flowers, Okeefee’s style has inspired present day artists to render framed inspired by Okeeffe artwork.

The framed inspired by Okeeffe art done by Ann Parr and June Hunter both feature modern takes and up close depictions of flowers that evoke the stylistic feeling of Georgia Okeefe. “Callas on Red” by Ann Parr, is a painting of white Calla Lillies in a vase against a bright red background. “Orange Poppy” by June Hunter captures the inside of a vivid Orange tissue paper like petals captured in high resolution.
The Paintings of Jason Higby and Audrey heard are wonderful additions to framed inspired by Okeeffe paintings. “Orchids I” by Jason Higby feature a macro view of two exotic and beautiful white and pink orchids as they bend their faces forward. “Calla Lilies 5” by Audrey Heard, depicts two white Calla Lilies, painted in a textured style against a blue background that captures the essence of Georgia Okeeffe’s Modern Americanism style.

The detaild view of a hot orange anemone flower, with it’s contrasting black accents, “Anemone” by Andrew Levine is a wonderful nod to one of Georgia Okeefe’s favorite subjects flowers. Contiuning with the up close renditons of flowers, “Dahilias #4” by Huntington Witherill gives a unique macro view of the delicate and curving petals of a white and orange Dahlia flower.
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