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John Hyde Art

John Hyde is a photographer who prefers digital camera because it enables him to see the image he has taken, and when he’s in wilderness, days or weeks from returning to town, he can easily see what he has without having to wait for the film to get back. He says that for someone who does this professionally, this can be very reassuring. Another reason why he likes digital photography is that he can easily exchange ideas visually with a client in the field to make sure that they are both are thinking along the same lines during an assignment. And being able to examine his images as he takes them makes the whole process more interactive for him. High-end, full-frame, 35mm digital cameras provide him with superior results in almost every way. There are certainly times when he misses using that beautiful old brass and cherry 5 by 7 that was his first real camera; but for now digital is his preferred format. Hyde tends to be more attracted to raw, aggressive landscapes and large predators. But he also finds tranquility and quiet beauty irresistible as well. Many of his favorite memories involve wild subjects, and every one of these hinges on moments when he felt a connection with the subject that went far beyond admiration or respect. The photographer has always been interested in the natural world and has found solace there as well. His work is available in many finishing option, the majority being framed John Hyde art.
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Framed Orca
by John Hyde
29" x 39"
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