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Framed Photography Marty Hulsebos Wall Art

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Framed Winding Road
Winding Road
by Marty Hulsebos
44" x 32" Frame
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Marty Hulsebos has enjoyed creating for more than 28 years. The experience of being fully aware and awake in the moment, and seeing the beauty in nature, is the essence of his photography. The love of light and how it brings out the beauty of landscapes is the heart of his art. He’s inspired to capture the beauty of nature and share it with others. He welcomes his clients to explore some of the images he’s enjoyed creating over the years. For 20 years he photographed with film, both black-and-white and color; now he shoots fully digital. Developing and printing black and white images while working in a darkroom taught him a great deal about how to control tones in an image. The works of Ansel Adams provided him with inspiration and insight. He says that wonderful lighting in a landscape is great to experience and also a challenge to capture. He adds that light is also a challenge to reproduce in a fine art print. This is an art he’s practiced and refined over many years. All of those who collect his art enjoy the benefits of his dedication for as many moments as they choose. Hulsebos exhibits at top juried art shows across the country. He’s won many awards and is therefore grateful and humbled with each moment he presents to his collectors. He produces art in a variety of finishing options including ready to hang framed Marty Hulsebos art. His art has found its way into many prestigious galleries all over the world.
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