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Gretchen Huber Warren Art

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Framed Sonoran Sunset
Sonoran Sunset
by Gretchen Huber Warren
38" x 32" Frame
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Gretchen Huber Warren (Born 1963) was born in Hartford, Connecticut. She has been creating and selling fine art for over a decade. Since 1986, the artist has sold more than 500 works to corporations and collectors from the Canada, Europe and the United States. Her work in oil on canvas reflects the results of the illustrator's ability to tell a story and her eye for beauty. Her painting style has several distinguishing features - brilliant light effects, vibrant colors, and clarity of form and line. These give her paintings a certain immediacy and presence which capture the attention of her viewer, and has made framed Gretchen Huber Warren art to be the favorite of many collectors. Gretchen’s favorite challenge is to capture the feeling and image of a scene whether it is an old gas station or a bucket of flowers. All of her works suggest a sense of well being, characterized by her fondness for and familiarity with her subjects. Upon graduating from college, Gretchen initially pursued an illustration career. She created book covers and freelance illustrations for Reader's Digest and other companies. After several galleries approached her by asking to show her work, she decided to focus on fine art painting in the oil medium. Many of her paintings are landscapes of the High Sonoran Desert, with their proliferation of Saguaro, Opuntia, Teddy Bear cacti and Barrel. Gretchen won the Arts for the Parks National Juried Show in 2000, and in 2002, she was the featured artist in the Artist's Magazine in their September issue, and the featured artist in Frontier Magazine in their March 2003 issue.
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