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Tim Howe Art

Tim Howe was born in New Zealand. The country’s awesome beauty with its stunning landscape inspired him to express nature’s limitless grandeur through his art. And the Mediterranean atmosphere proved to be the perfect backdrop for his painterly style. He studied at the Wellington School of Design, and after graduation, he immigrated to the United States and established a design studio in San Diego. Howe mixes styles which are inimitable and distinctive. His creativity is reputed as one of the world’s best artists. He is a painter with an unusual blending of styles that attract both the contemporary and traditional collectors alike. He has participated in many art exhibitions where his artworks have featured prominently. Howe began traveling throughout Europe, capturing nature’s beauty through every season with his landscapes. He lets his palette and brush express the imagination, and his painting process is guided by his wild imaginations. Many of his paintings are inspired by the memories of the places he has visited since he was a child. Though he was strongly influenced by the Impressionist painters, he devoted himself to developing his own contemporary style. His pieces often incorporate elements from paintings that he admires. Howe’s aesthetic spirit always allows him to bring new energies and fresh interpretations to his work. He incorporates dramatic use of texturing and color to capture his subject matter with a unique contemporary flair. Framed Tim Howe art are owned by private and corporate collectors, galleries and museums throughout the world.
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