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Maret Hensick Art

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Framed Hydrangeas and Ferns
Hydrangeas and Ferns
by Maret Hensick
30" x 36" Frame
Price: $395.99 
Sale: $197.99
Framed Red Bouquet
Red Bouquet
by Maret Hensick
27" x 23" Frame
Price: $266.99 
Sale: $133.49
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2 Items
Maret Hensick was born in the US but was raised in Europe. She later returned to the States to study and she graduated with a BA degree in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. She developed a reflective style as a result of her travels and rich life experiences. After her graduation she worked as a commercial artist for 2 years in Germany, after which she returned once again to the United States where she worked in the studio of Leo Lasansky where she was introduced to print making which made her to begin her ongoing career as a fine artist. Growing up abroad made both Maret acutely visual. She took up a career in Fine Art because that’s where her passion lies. She continues to develop the career concurrently with her licensed design work. Her inspiration comes from everywhere: music, poetry, travel, books, gardens, museums. But it is not just having all these reference resources, Maret sees things that "stick out" and looks out of context or new to spice up her art. Her paintings are reflections of the visual details and stories she observes. Beauty, humor and color are the invariable threads throughout her artwork. And can be seen in all framed Maret Hensick art. In the late 1980's, she started hand-painting and selling T-shirts at craft fairs. The T-shits were in great demand because each had a different design painted directly on to them with fabric paint and brushes. This is where her initial style developed, full of drips and splatters, she learnt never to be afraid of making mistakes or of the blank, white surface.
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