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Franz Heigl Art

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Franz Heigl (Born 1937 – died 2011) was a Bavarian artist who was trained as an advertisement and poster artist. With more than 1 million art prints sold, he’s is one of the Germany’s most published and popular contemporary artists. Since the end of the 1980s he had his own gallery in Chiemgau and worked as a graphic artist and freelance painter until his death. Reasons for his extraordinary success were the positivity of his images and the versatility of the artist. His themes ranged from landscapes to still lifes and flowers, while he often combined several themes such as landscape and still life. In the licensing sector his pictures are also successful and are therefore in great demand; especially the framed Franz Heigl art. There‘s a broad variety of finishing options to satisfy the varying needs of clients, and broad variety of products featuring his images, ranging from greeting cards to tableware products, stationery and high quality porcelain. Heigl discovered art through his professional training as a commercial artist and window-dresser. Ever since the 1960s he had particularly enjoyed painting in tempera and watercolors. His paintings captivate the viewer with the combination of colors. His landscapes are flooded with playful gleams of light which impart an extraordinary optical appeal to the viewers. Tender and warm colors at the rims of his painting are set off against expressive and rich colors in the middle of his paintings and thus emphasize the actual motifs. He varied his subjects to increase the collectability of his art.
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