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Framed Frank Harris Wall Art

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2 Items
Framed Pasta
by Frank Harris
23" x 27" Frame
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Price: $254.99 
Sale: $127.49
Framed Wine Chef Master
Wine Chef Master
by Frank Harris
23" x 26" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $252.99 
Sale: $126.49
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2 Items
Frank Harris is an artist who particularly enjoys painting the faces of people and their expressions. His illustrations and art always features people in situations that are easily recognized as the common human experiences. Harris began to receive commissions and freelance work from those who loved his art just as soon as he began serious work on art. Today, he’s a nationally and internationally known artist and illustrator who’s been working as an illustrator and artist for more than 3 decades. Harris has a diverse set of skills and he has experience in a wide range of mediums. He enjoys illustrating many genres and styles and is open to creating custom pieces upon request. He’s currently available for commissions and is able to produce art in a variety of finishing options in the shortest time possible. Currently, he’s a much sought after artist and his images have spread throughout the world. Her art can be seen on several products and framed Frank Harris art are hanging on the walls of many prestigious buildings and spaces around the globe. They are also in museums, galleries, institutions and in private and public collections. Harris is a talented artist who loved art from a tender age and had a strong conviction that he was meant to be an artist. As a young boy, he loved anything with an artistic flare and could spend most of his free time working on art. His clients include Westinghouse Corporation, Major League Baseball, and Carnegie-Mellon University. His illustrations have been published extensively in various websites and publications including Harvard Magazine, Vanity Fair, Pittsburgh Magazine and Baltimore Magazine.

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Framed Chef 2 Piece Framed Art Print Set Chef 2 Piece Framed Art Print Set 
by Frank Harris  
Price: $339.99
Sale: $169.99
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