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Danielle Harrington Art

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Danielle Harrington has become one of the most sought after artists in the world. She’s a very keen observer and this is what helps her to provide the viewer with a new lens to hold against everyday objects. She’s able to notice simple details that many artists cannot notice. She originally pursued a career in painting but later changed to using the great quantity of images found in nature combined together with different textures to create art that appeal to the eye. At a young age, Danielle liked to do things by herself and this led to the development of her unique style. Danielle knew that she would one day become a professional artist. She was encouraged by those who viewed her art and this is what kept her moving until finally she actually became a professional artist. Danielle plays with colors, texture, dark and light and delicate tones to deliver an intensity, character and beauty to her subject matter that draws the viewer to stop and take a longer look. She’s known for her brilliant works. A lifelong artist, Danielle currently lives by the beach in Birch Bay Washington with her family. She produces more realistic paintings that show highly developed textures and patterns. Many people love her art, more so he framed Danielle Harrington art. Her images resonate well with a diverse group of collectors and viewers of all ages. That’s why they can be used to decorate any space. Her artistic style is unique and this makes her art to be easily recognizable among the works of other artists.
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