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Framed Word David Harden Wall Art

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2 Items
Framed Live A Simple Life
Live A Simple Life
by David Harden
24" x 13" Frame
Price: $170.99 
Sale: $85.49
Framed Bless This Home - with stars
Bless This Home - with stars
by David Harden
26" x 15" Frame
Price: $192.99 
Sale: $96.49
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2 Items
David Harden is a self-taught artist who was born in Waverly, Ohio. He’s much influenced by his experience during childhood. He has never forgotten his roots. He started a career in folk art at the age of 10, and there are so many people he keeps on thanking for supporting him on his professional journey. He truly would not have a career that he loves if it weren't for people who have supported him all these years. His first experience in retail began when he would set displays of his work at craft fairs and garage sales. He’s is now blessed with the openings and opportunities most artists dream of. He attributes everything to God, so in reality and in true honesty, he says he’s is God who gets the credit. His work has progressed from painting to designing for many of the largest manufacturers in the country. Home accessories, textiles, dinnerware and wallpaper, are just a few of the items he has leant to produce and these items are being distributed world wide. Currently, his creations can be viewed at his shoppe, named appropriately "David's." Harden loved to think about the days before computers and cell phones and he tries to convey that in his folk art. He believes that his art can relieve someone from the stresses of life. If he can make people happy or even just one person, then God's plan for him has succeeded, he says. Framed David Harden art are much sought after by many collectors.
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