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Valery Hache Art

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Valery Hache is an internationally renowned photographer based in France. Her source of inspiration is the great outdoors and she enjoys the fact that near her home she has so many beautiful scenes than she can capture forever. Her photos are regularly published in many newspapers and magazines. Doing what she likes has made her to be very successful, and her works are now in many homes and businesses and has been exhibited in galleries all over the world. Committing at least a third of her time to reference photography and field research, accuracy has become a trademark of her work. She’s comfortable with a range of subjects, jumping with ease from one subject to another. She doesn’t want to merely capture scenes but rather to reveal something about the uniqueness of each scene she captures. Hard work and discipline have paid off for the artist. She has won numerous awards, and she is considered one of the country’s finest artists. Her art are distributed though many channels, including online and physical store, and there are many finishing options that clients can choose from – including framed Valery Hache art. Most of her photography training came through travel and visiting museums and galleries throughout France. She’s inspired by the direct confrontation with her subjects and strives to ensure that her prints are as realistic as possible. She has developed a unique process that he uses to produce highly textural works with colors that help convey his inner feelings about his subject matter.
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