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James Grey Art

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James Grey built layers making connections and a story unfolded as he worked. Music played a role in all his art-making processes and seeped into his art. Grey’s work evolved, and more often by the time the painting was finished it showed a history of stories intermingled in the layers. He’s an artist of the 19th century who was active and lived in the United Kingdom. He painted the energy and spirit of life in rhythmic layers of color. Grey was responsive to what caught his heart and eyes personifying nature. He strove to synthesize 3 key elements within his works of art: the feeling of the natural world, its appearance, and the form in which he chose to best represent it. His poetic vibrant work depicts a combination of imaginary and natural elements. He emphasized the 2D of painting through the use of bright colors, texture and strong lines. He used a symbolic visual language and explored both the invisible and visible, and in the process created a commentary on thoughts and relationships. He sought to paint what he saw as well as what he felt and brought more evocative and conceptual elements into his paintings, particularly in his use of non-descriptive color and his dissolution of forms. As he worked, the images could be spontaneous just flowing naturally from his gathered memories. This gave a naturally authentic game on the surface. Framed James Grey art have a unique look that makes them to be easily recognizable. His artwork is collected worldwide.