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Framed Photography Jace Grey Wall Art

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Jace Grey is a painter who was born in London, England. He was born to an artistic mother and a father who served in the military. His father’s job made it possible for them to travel to different locations based on assignments, introducing him to different cultures, geographical features, and numerous other works of nature. While still young, he spent a lot of time with his mother, enabling him to pick ideas and artistic skills from her. After some time, they settled back in the U.S. where he continued to learn more about art. Grey’s interest in art continued to develop, doing his best to learn new things and get new ideas. During his high school and college studies, he lived in San Francisco, the period within which he got exposed to graphic design. Owing to his artistic background, he was able to capture things pretty fast and he began designing artistic pieces in his creative and unique design. The approach he often uses when creating art is traditional sketching, which he has mastered over the years. Through the format he’s able to create art that look simple but that are deeply complex in detail. Possibly as a result of his travels when he was still young, Grey still enjoys traveling to different global locations, creating art based on the things that inspired him around every location he visits. His art is a demonstration of growth, having started very small with limited skills yet he has grown over the years to become quite a prolific artist. Grey’s art have been exhibited in galleries, some of which sell framed Jace Grey art for those who prefer ready to hang artwork.
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