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Framed Pop Lili Green Wall Art

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Framed Chicken or The Egg?50% Off Art Prints
Chicken or The Egg?
by Lili Green
32" x 40" Frame
Price: $430.99 
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Lili Green loved art from her childhood. She’s has had a strong passion for the arts for as long as she can remember. She has taken her time to nurture her artistic talent by developing a close relationship with many professional artists and also by developing a discipline in her artistic practice and through participating in many art shows and exhibitions. She likes to associate herself with fun loving professionals who focus on quality products, enriched through their work with incomparable images and astonishing image makers. Her work has been featured in numerous shows, and both in solo and group exhibitions. Her studio in the United Kingdom continues to develop different styles in painting digitally, from exploring big, loose brush strokes, to texture and intricate detail. Her work stands out among the works of other artists because she’s has several years of experience in the arts industry. The subjects of her paintings take a life of their own once they are on canvas, and they are images that clients can easily associate with. She approaches the subjects of her work with a sense of rediscovery and serious thoughts. She aims at bringing fresh, original and modern art to the walls of people’s homes. Ready to hang framed Lili Green art can be found in many galleries and art stores around the world. They adorn the walls of some of the esteemed buildings in the UK and abroad. Lili’s diverse experience in the arts industry gives her the ability to recognize the importance of relationships.