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Framed Francis Grant Wall Art

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Framed Melton Breakfast
Melton Breakfast
by Francis Grant
40" x 27" Frame
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Scottish portrait painter Francis Grant (1803 –1878) was born in Edinburgh. He gained a reputation for his paintings of "sporting" subjects. In 1834, he got a chance to exhibit at the Royal Academy. He also painted many distinguished British aristocratic and political figures of the day including Queen Victoria. Exhibited in 1842, his portrait of Lady Glenlyon, increased his reputation, and for almost 4 decades, the most refined and graceful portraits in the Royal Academy exhibitions came from Grant’s studio. In 1866, he was elected the Academy President succeeding Eastlake, and between 1834 and 1879 he contributed hundreds of works to the exhibitions of the Royal Academy. He held the post of the presidency with dignity and drove it to great heights. In 1870 he instituted the custom of holding major loan exhibitions in the Academy. Grant was perhaps at his best in portraits of young women. In these portraits, he continued the Lawrence’s glamorous tradition but tempered the graceful dash with a touch of sobriety of Victoria: a charming illustration is his portrait of ‘Daisy’ Grant his daughter. Grant attended Harrow School. As a young man, he intended to become a lawyer. However, he never got the satisfaction he wanted and decided to leave his studies to take up painting. At the time of his death, he had produced hundreds of pieces of art mainly as framed Francis Grant art which come ready to hang with all the accessories. His art continue to inspire both the upcoming and established artists.
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