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Wilhelm Gorre Art

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2 Items
Framed Dancer I
Dancer I
by Wilhelm Gorre
28" x 36" Frame
Price: $350.99 
Sale: $175.49
Framed Red Rooster
Red Rooster
by Wilhelm Gorre
22" x 26" Frame
Price: $265.99 
Sale: $132.99
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2 Items
Wilhelm Gorre loved art from childhood. He started to study art at the National Art School Bremen in 1950 but could not complete his studies due to financial difficulties. He decided to look for a job and worked full time as a graphic designer from 1952 to 1984. Gorre wanted to become a recognized artist and to live from his art; so he really worked hard. Luckily, in 1961, through the help of Dr. Horst Keller, the former curator of the Bremen Kunsthalle, Gorre was engaged as an art staff at the Bremen Theatre, where in addition to illustrating program booklets and special posters, he illustrated the drawings of the first ballet in 1963. Since then he has produced posters, prints and art that combine fine detail with soft translucent lighting. He uses these to achieve a powerful emotional impact on his viewers. With a vibrant style, Gorre produces dynamic pieces that are permeated with spontaneous sense of creative energy, texture, and an instinctive understanding of composition and color. Framed Wilhelm Gorre art are valuable for the feeling they convey to the viewers who love the environment and animals. He allows his creativity to move freely through the impetuous quality of his style making the process of painting just as valuable as the product. Gorre finds inspiration for his work from his affinity for the natural world and from his extensive travels. He held his first solo exhibition in 1963 in a Bremer gallery. Since then he has held many solo and groups shows at various locations.
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