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Jan Gordon Art

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Jan Gordon also known as Godfrey Jervis Gordon (Born 1882 – Died 1944) was born in England. He was an artist, a mining engineer and a collector of folk music. Gordon spent his life in the United Kingdom, England, New York and California. He loved art from a tender age and knew from that early age that he would become an artist. Gordon is remembered for writing, music, wartime camouflage art and painting. Gordon was educated at Marlborough College and after completing his studies here, he decided to become a mining engineer, and he joined the Truro School of Mines. He used a human approach to his art and went into the most intimate detail of the subjects so as to make them as realistic as possible. Gordon also studied at the Kensington School of Art with Frank Brangwyn. He lived a fulfilling life and worked for many clients for many years, and after several exhibitions of his art, they became so popular, and today framed Jan Gordon art have found their way into some of the most prestigious spaces in the world. Gordon and Cora Turner got married in 1909 and lived in Rue Jean Ferrandi (formerly Rue Bagneaux). They were both accomplished artists in a variety of media (fountain pen, tempera, even watercolor), and they became well connected with fellow members of the modern art movement. They lived in Rue Jean Ferrandi for 31 years. Gordon’s art still causes a lot of excitement among art students and art teachers as well.
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