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Framed Decorative Selma Glass Wall Art

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Framed Family Portrait
Family Portrait
by Selma Glass
15" x 26" Frame
Price: $184.99 
Sale: $92.49
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African-American artist Selma Glass has emerged as one of the most dynamic and creative artist in Atlanta. She became interested in creating art in 1988 as she passed by a supply store called Binders Art each day on her way to and from work. As days went by, her desire became so strong that she finally visited the store. It took her 6 months to get off the bus and go in the store. Inside the store, she met and was encouraged by Krinsky to try painting. She bought two tubes of paint, canvas and a small brush. She prayed, hopped and wished that she could be an artist, because she says the artists are doing something they like. Initially, she wasn’t happy with her work, but she never gave up and focused her attention on collages. She also continued to go into the store and discuss her progress with Krinsky. Those early works, her determination, reputation and having the right attitude acted as stepping stones to her success. Selma works in a variety of mediums, including abstract and figurative paper sculpture, acrylic, pastel, oil, clay, pen & ink, and mixed media. Deeply devoted to her religious convictions, Selma says she tries daily to love her neighbor and represent her faith and hope in God with positive awareness. Completely self-taught, Selma’s work soon began attracting attention in the art community. This has also made framed Selma Glass art to be very popular. Manny shows and awards have helped to establish her as a serious contender in the world of art.
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