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Framed Georgia O'Keeffe New York Paintings

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Framed Pansy, 1926
Pansy, 1926
by Georgia O'Keeffe
20" x 36" Frame
Price: $295.99 
Sale: $295.99
Framed Poppy
by Georgia O'Keeffe
16" x 14" Frame
Price: $163.99 
Sale: $163.99
Framed Black and Purple Petunias
Black and Purple Petunias
by Georgia O'Keeffe
35" x 30" Frame
Price: $380.99 
Sale: $380.99
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3 Items

Framed Georgia O'Keeffe New York Prints

Georgia O’Keeffe is well known as the Mother of American modernism. A forerunner for has left her mark on the modern art world forever. Her subjects range from vivid flowers to wild desert landscapes. Framed Georgia O’Keeffe New York art is a necessity for any modern art collection and is not to be missed.

A scene of a lake surrounded by trees and rolling hills boasts blending colors of hot oranges, reds, and yellows with pops of green and blue in “Lake George, Autumn, 1927.” “Ends of Barns, 1922” is a somber look into life on the farm done in a precisionism style.
Framed Georgia O’Keeffe paintings capture beautiful blossoming flora in a zoomed in macro that gives unusual and striking points of view. Delicate in color and shape, the folded ruffled edges of a white rose are captured in Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting, “White Rose with Larkspur No.2, 1927.” “Black and Purple Petunias,” is done is deep and heavy dark purple tones that make the Petunia’s petals appear like velvet.

“Oriental Poppies, 1928” is a stunning painting of vivid oriental poppies in full bloom, their black centers contrasted by the hot orange crepe paper petals gently layered atop one another. “Green Oak Leaves” captures the ruffled razor edges of oak leaves in shades of deep green. “Red Cana” shows the bright and vivid folds of red and orange petals layered upon one another to create a unique up close view.
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