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Baron Cuvier Georges (Born 1769) was born at Montbéliard in France. He was naturalist who founded the fields of comparative anatomy and vertebrate paleontology. He became a great scientist and his lifework can be considered to be what marked the transition between the view of nature in the 18th-century and the view of nature that emerged in the last late 19th century which came as a result of the doctrine of evolution. In fact, Georges rejected the 18th-century method which was used in arranging animals in a continuous series. He favored that classification of the animals in 4 separate groups. Georges raised the fundamental question of why animals are different anatomically. Apart from his academic achievements, he was also popular with the public. He often liked to entertain crowds with his phenomenal knowledge of comparative anatomy. He was born in the same year as William Smith and Alexander von Humboldt, and he managed to reach the highest levels of academic achievement only on the basis of his hard work, a tenacious memory and study. His mother taught him to read effortlessly at the age of 4 years. His success is attributed to his mother who set him off on the path of scholarship. Every morning, his mother took him to an elementary school, and so strictly made him repeat his lessons to her. Today, framed Baron Cuvier Georges art hang on the walls of many prestigious museums and galleries around the world. In his lifetime, he managed to set paleontology on a firm foundation.
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