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Donna Geissler Art

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Donna Geissler is a photography artist who specializes in floral photography, although she also captures a host of other subjects. To keep the natural feel to her photographic works, Geissler mainly uses natural light to represent her subjects. She also uses a bit of digital techniques to enhance her images to deliver the best to her audience. Geissler studied at the Indiana University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. However, her last semester at the university saw her take a basic course in black and white photography. This marked the beginning of her lifelong journey as a photographer, doing it passionately. For over a decade, Geissler only practiced photography as a hobby, but she later took it more seriously after she introduced herself to floral photography. To get the best of details of her subjects, Geissler explores their shapes and captures their movements in the most intriguing fashion. Her technique makes it possible for her to deliver artwork pieces that are ethereal and soft, making her creative works quite unique. Her consistency in carrying out photography work has seen her capture several subjects, adding to her already large portfolio of artistic works. Geissler’s many artistic works can be found in diverse places, including art dealerships, galleries, and collections. Her floral artwork pieces have specifically been used in the decoration of interiors. At the same time, the artwork pieces are available in different finishing options, with framed Donna Geissler art also available in galleries and art dealerships.
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