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Framed Paul Geatches Wall Art

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Framed Palm island I
Palm island I
by Paul Geatches
18" x 18" Frame
Price: $162.99 
Sale: $81.49
Framed Moonlit Paradise I50% Off Art Prints
Moonlit Paradise I
by Paul Geatches
44" x 20" Frame
Price: $306.99 
Sale: $153.49
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2 Items
Paul Geatches paints with a passion - a passion that has roots in his environment and is also hereditary. His family moved to an island in the Gulf of Mexico when he was only one month old. The warm tropical breezes and the swaying palms are some of his earliest memories. Geatches grew up on the Marco Island; that’s why he likes to paint seascapes. He was taught how to paint by his grandmother who still lives on Marco Island and still paints to date. He liked to be with his grandmother by his side teaching him how to capture images with oil paint. Geatches says that painting is his passion, and what he considers as the real the real bonus has been people's responses to his images. He never seems to run out of ideas for more tropical seascapes. His spirit is always filled by the ocean and waves. Today, he creates tropical seascapes mostly from memory. Geatches and his wife love to scuba dive, travel, or just soak up the sun on exotic beaches the world over. Geatches didn’t start painting until he was 25 years old. He says art is his therapy. He found that when he was having anxiety attacks, painting picture would make him feel calm and safe again. The seascapes that he paints have been distributed widely around the country, mainly by the Sundance Graphics in Orlando, and the Internet. His art is mainly produced as framed Paul Geatches art that usually sell in large numbers.
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