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Framed Adam Garelick Wall Art

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Framed Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
by Adam Garelick
36" x 36" Frame
Price: $684.99 
Sale: $342.49
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1 Item
Adam Garelick moved to New York City in 2002, and since then he has been photographing in the city. His photographic approach relies on a simple process. He uses film, and develops the negatives by hand. Even though he does some post-processing adjustments, he maintains this at a minimal level. This is because he wants the subjects to speak for themselves. His work can be divided roughly into 2 categories, street photography and nighttime cityscapes. His goal is to document the visual richness of a city that he says he’s fortunate to call home. Garelick says that there is an imperfection in film that he believes distinguishes each image, and thereby confirming the uniqueness of each of his subjects. “I like the simplicity of film. It has blemishes. It has character and grit. It has imperfections. But I think its imperfections add to its beauty,” the photographer says. His works can be found in private and public collections and exhibitions throughout the United States. His pieces of art, especially the framed Adam Garelick art are highly priced because of their high quality and attractiveness. His process is delicate, deliberate and unrushed. Garelick uses film to produce a few exposures at a time to ensure that he gets the best images. He strives to make the final product look as realistic as possible. The artist works mainly at night, when the streets of Manhattan are free from distraction and human activity has moved indoors. His attuned sense of observation and familiarity with the City combine to produce subdued, black-and white-cityscapes.
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