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Tara Gamel Art

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Tara Gamel became interested in art at an early age. She grew up in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Tara decided to further her education in Phoenix, Arizona. She loved the soft natural look of watercolor, but wanted to create richly toned and brighter images. After her studies, she began to freelance as a portrait artist using watercolor. Tara thus began experimenting with different mediums by creating layers of texture. Tara also preferred to use a variety of subjects in various palettes, which allowed her to explore, while truly enjoying, the painting process. Through this technique, she has found it easier to achieve the richly toned and bright images that she had always wanted to create. Her work is shown in galleries throughout Arizona and the southeast. Tara has a unique style that incorporates layers, color, and texture that draw the viewers into her paintings. Tara tries to bring her vision and inspiration in life in each piece she creates. She enjoys working on each layer as if each one was an individual painting. Music and teaching are also a passion in her life that she is able to enjoy with her husband and children. Tara celebrates life with the inner song that is heard both in her fine art and in her music. She finds that song writing is like composing the layers of an abstract. Today, Framed Tara Gamel art adorn the walls of many homes, institutions, museums and galleries. She has sold several pieces of her works to many galleries in the United States and Canada.
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