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Consuelo Gamboa Art

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Consuelo Gamboa lived in Mexico when she was still very young. She’s an African-American Artist who started working on art at a very tender age. Her art caught the attention of many people. They admired her work and encouraged her to continue painting and to consider taking art as her career which she did. Her mother says she was born with a paintbrush in her hand. Consuelo was born in a family of artists. Her grandmother Consuelo Ferrera Gamboa, was also an artist, and was her mentor and namesake. Consuelo knew that she would become a professional artist. She also knew that if she wanted to ever be a successful artist she would need to practice a lot and that’s what she did most of her free time. She became more inspired and had more time to work on her art as she continued to receive positive feedback from her viewers. Once she started working seriously in art she started getting commissions and freelance work on a regular basis. She moved to Canterbury, England after completing her formal education in Mexico. In Canterbury Consuelo studied portrait and watercolor techniques that have become part of her trademark. She soon moved to Paris where she attended the Ecole du Lourve and studied Art History for three years. She produced stunning pieces of art which were sold mainly as framed Consuelo Gamboa art to many establishments including hotels, restaurants, institutions and even individuals. In 1978 she decided to move to Southern California in the United States, and in 1981 she began to publish her art.
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