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Robert Furber Art

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Robert Furber (1674-1756) is best known for his artistic works that include the production of the first ever comprehensive seed catalogue in England. He was a respected horticulturalist and an author whose dedication to documenting seeds and plants saw him accomplish a lot artistically. Furber’s most celebrated work is "Twelve Months of Flowers," which was released in 1730. It was a book that detailed seeds and plants plus 12 beautiful etchings of plants in bloom. The plants and seeds therein were numbered and it contained well over 400 different plants. After the book was released, several unauthorized copies were made simply because of the fame that it earned. "Twelve Months of Flowers" was a joint work by Furber and 2 other artists, namely, Henry Fletcher, who did engravings, and Pieter Casteels, a painter. As a result of the release of the catalogue, Furber was able to share with the world the kind of plants he had in his nursery, adding greatly to his success as a gardener. Fog’s Weekly Journal would later feature parts of the book. Two years after the release of the catalogue, Furber released “Twelve Months of Fruit,” a book that documented 364 diverse fruit species. And soon after, he released “The Flower Garden Displayed,” a book that covers a wide range of subjects therefore not targeting a specific interest group. Furber became a member of “English Society of Gardners,” a group founded in 1724 primarily to name initially undiscovered plants. His entry into the group was as a result of his years of dedication as an artist, author, and horticulturalist, giving him interest in plants and their nomenclature. His works remain collected in different galleries, homes, and museums, and are reproduced in diverse forms. Framed Robert Furber art and other creative pieces are availed for those who would like to use his works for interior decoration or other purposes.
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