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Sharon France Art

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Framed Quiet Morning to Graze50% Off Art Prints
Quiet Morning to Graze
by Sharon France
48" x 38"
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Sharon France has lived and painted on an old farmstead for several years. From an early age, she knew that she would some day become an artist. It all began when she was a small girl growing up. Their family had a field in back of the house, and a field in front of the house, yet they lived on a street at the edge of town that had other homes along it. In the summer, Sharon remembers that she used to walk through the field of corn behind the house, and she says that the feel of the damp mud on her bare feet back then is something she can never forget. The trips to her grandparents’ Midwestern farm are also some of her favorite childhood memories, and from as far back as she can remember, she always wanted to live in the country like them. She has always had a fascination with old farmsteads, more so the barns and old farmhouses found on them. Her husband also grew up on a farm, and after they got married their goal was to move to out of town. Today, the couple lives in an old farmhouse which is a great inspiration for what she paints. It gives her a sense of peace to work on her country landscape paintings. Although she often uses the elements of Minimalism and Tonalism in her paintings, her painting style was mainly Realism. Her contemporary country landscapes are of the rural scenes, farms, animals, farmhouses, and old barns, that she loves to paint. Currently, framed Sharon France art are highly priced by many discerning collectors.
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