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Jenny Foster Art

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2 Items
Framed Cast of Characters
Cast of Characters
by Jenny Foster
44" x 32" Frame
Price: $451.99 
Sale: $451.99
Framed Looking for Trouble
Looking for Trouble
by Jenny Foster
44" x 33" Frame
Price: $454.99 
Sale: $454.99
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2 Items
Jenny Foster is a native Arizonan. She has been happily painting since she was 7 years old. She studied Fine Art at Arizona State University. Her style is both primitive and contemporary and she delivers it with a combination of abstract shapes and happy colors and symbols. Her art pieces are playful and represent joy, things that have made her vow never to grow up. To many artists, it is a great challenge to express feelings of personality in the works of arts without injecting some realism, but Jenny has mastered the art enough to do this through symbols and abstract forms and achieve an even better result. Her works are inspired by her appreciation of nature, happy colors, and the spirit of life. Her expression of personality is evident in all her works. She strives to always create pieces that reach out to the hearts of viewers. Jenny lets her palette and brush express the imagination, and her painting process is guided by her wild imaginations. She prefers to achieve quality without adding too much detail or sophistication. She keeps everything simple and has learnt exactly when to stop so as not to create complex pieces. She doesn’t want too much detail to destroy her unique style. Her main medium is oil with canvas as the support base. Jenny focuses on bringing childlike joy to her viewers giving them a moment of happiness that carries them away from daily life stress. Her prints are sold widely through different galleries and her art has been displayed on different platforms and galleries including Celebration of Fine Art Show, Van Gogh's Ear Gallery, John Hanes Gallery, Madaras Gallery, and West Lives On Gallery. Framed Jenny Foster art are found in many galleries across the globe. Those who would like to have them in other finishing options such as canvas and lamination can find them in diverse other art outlets.
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