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Framed Brian Foster Wall Art

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Framed Sensitive Fern
Sensitive Fern
by Brian Foster
19" x 23" Frame
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Brian Foster (1940 – 2013) was ahead of his time. His fascination with what he considered the pure perfection between how science and art met through his examination of fractal geometry. At the age of 39, Foster plunged into the images of infinite space and the world of chaos theory. In the six years that followed, his work developed into three dimensional spacescapes. His plotter, ray tracing software, and hand-coded files, became his paintbrush. In the course of his work, he investigated desire versus reality. He believed that as humans, people are endlessly struggling to maintain a notion of perfection which is impossible. According to him, humans are always looking outward obsessed with a perception of beauty that’s idealized. From where an individual stands, the world appears inhospitable, dark and volatile. And on the horizon, there is something even magnetic and more tangible; it is just beyond the human grasp. Foster’s art has been exhibited in Scandinavia, Europe and Canada. He was a great inspiration to many upcoming artist and it is everyone’s greatest wish that his remaining body of his work should be enjoyed by a much wider audience than could be reached during his lifetime, and that his early contribution to fractal-generated art is recognized the world over. This wish is sure to be achieved because currently framed Brian Foster art is found in almost all corners of the world. Foster believed that there is order within chaos, and that everything has its own unique perfection. We only need to move through what seems impossible to reach to a point where we believe that it is possible.
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