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Steve Forney Art

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Steve Forney has been drawing posters, art and prints for as long as he can remember. He’s a freelance illustrator who captures the power, simplicity and elegance of his subjects in a graphic style. He loved art from a tender age. As a child, he often ignored his mother’s calls to come to dinner so that he could continue drawing. He attended the University of California from where he graduated in 1991 with a B.A. in Political Science. While at the university, he would often make sketches and doodle in his notebook during lecture time. After graduation he decided it was time to follow his passion so he took up illustration. Along with his interest in international events and history, the artist enjoys travel, which is a theme in many of his posters, art and prints. He draws inspiration from the architecture and landscape of his northern California home. Even though some of his pieces are dedicated to the 20th-century masters, Forney has worked on commercial projects for many clients, including Coca-Cola, Federal Express, Sports Illustrated, Mondavi Wines and Carnival Cruise Lines. He works both with an airbrush and digitally, and has been influenced by Abram Games, A.M. Cassandre and Joseph Binder, all of whom used airbrushes in their art. Framed Steve Forney art are today much sought after by many collectors. Steve’s projects range from national advertising campaigns to editorial work. From the time he comes up with a concept to the moment he produces the final piece, Forney brings passion to his craft.
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