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Ellen Fisch Art

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The photographer, Ellen Fisch specializes in black-and-white and a reddish-brown colored architectural photographs. Throughout her childhood she was evolved as an artist and a photographer, using painting, drawing and photography to communicate her artistic expression. Her subjects are mainly architectural and they invite the viewer to explore rewarding and unique ways to connect with the numerous fascinating aspects of architecture. Ellen Fisch has been working as an artist for several years. The building boon of the 1950s gave her a rare opportunity to witness a merging of older architecture, novel ideas in building and a renewal that incorporates the old and new in New York City. After finishing school, the artist entered the architecture and design field as a draftsman. On weekends and during the nights, Ellen did freelance work as a commissioned painter and photographer. Ultimately, she combined her love for art, architecture and photography into a career of creating architectural fine art photography and architectural photography. Ellen shows her fine art architectural photographs extensively, and she licenses her images for many brands including poster art. He art also appear in web publications, magazines, cards and books. She says that any opportunity to communicate her love of architecture through her work is a gift. Framed Clara Wells art are sold through many outlets. She makes things simple, since she believes that complicating art may make the intended purpose not to be achieved. Her art are stocked by many collectors in large numbers because they are in high demand. She promotes her art by producing them in a variety of finishing options to serve the varying needs of her clients.
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