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Selina Fenech Art

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Framed Bath Time
Bath Time
by Selina Fenech
23" x 30"
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1 Item
Selina Fenech (Born 1981) started sketching from a very young age, having been inspired by the illustrations she used to see in fairy tales, magic and princesses books she used to read. She was an Australian whose parents were of Maltese and Australian descent. Her fascination with the quality of the illustrations in the books marveled her, inspiring her to practice more to enhance her skills. After a while, Fenech was able to create high quality art from her own imaginations. Nevertheless, she never stopped pushing forward to get better. Her friends and art critics around her began praising her work and she was getting commissioned to create art as well. For those who loved fantasy, her art became the right place for adventure. Fenech has been living off her artistic creativity since she was 23 years old. Through the years, she’s grown in creativity, efficiency, quality, and depth. At the same time, her dedication has seen her refine her artistic style to professional levels. Fenech’s two main media are acrylics and watercolors, although she uses pencil, pastels, ink, and digital techniques for enhancing her art. Besides taking the traditional approach to selling her works, she also takes advantage of internet technology to reach out to customers located in over 35 countries. Fenech has several books to her name, containing her story and some of her artwork. She licenses companies to use her creative works to make jewelry, t-shirts, stationery, among other products. Selina Fenech framed art pieces are also sold through local galleries in Australia and across the globe.
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