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Framed Nat Fein Wall Art

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Nat Fein (Born 1914) worked for 33 years as a Press Photographer for the New York Herald Tribune. No other photographer has won as many awards as he did; the most precious of his awards was the Pulitzer Prize. Apart from sports photographs, heroes of the war were also his subjects, he covered the greats such as Eleanor Roosevelt, William Westmoreland, Omar Bradley and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Literary legends such as Carl Sandburg, Scientists such as Albert Einstein, movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe, and humanitarians such as Albert Schweitzer also posed for him. It is easy to understand the 1940s and 1950s just by seeing the breadth of the events and people captured in his photographs - he’s well known for his ability to capture the true picture of bygone years of New York City. The people that he photographed tell the story of one part of New York City, a dynamic city where only change is constant. By then New York city was undergoing a metamorphosis of great magnitude: a vestige of a calmer lifestyle marked by the end of the trolley car, the slow but sure side-by-side influence of Spain as Latin America immigrants began to gravitate to this the city, to the leisurely change of the Lower East Side from a vociferous area of Jewish immigrants, of which the primary symbol was a pushcart. Fein caught this memorable and momentous time on film. His art is much sought after by many discerning collectors, especially the ready to hang framed Nat Fein art. His success was as a result of his ability to capture the spirit of an era in New York; an era that saw great changes taking place in the city.
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