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Mike Feeley Art

Mike Feeley is a Canada-based artist. He likes to paint knives, spoons, forks, etc. Feely is a restless artist who always creates new spaces and forms. He uses modern forms and unique textures to capture color through an innovative use of shape and light. Feely is able to capture shapes, lights, and color in a constant search of exhibiting works that communicate by themselves with their own style. Using unique textures and shapes, he is known for his ability to capture color through innovative use of form and light. Feeley has several pieces of artwork to his name and has widely sold his artistic works to a number of individuals and companies. His common denominator is his search for harmony through extraordinary color overlays and multi-layered pieces. His art is strongly influenced by the graphic forms and bold colors unique to Canada where he grew up. Feeley is defined by his critics as a real designer of art. He looks for visual connections and analogies on the outside and the edges of the objects he paints. Feeley tries to constantly evolve in his art and strives to keep it interesting to increase collectability. He has taken part in several solo and group exhibitions where his artwork has been the center of attraction. Because of the high demand for his creative pieces, several galleries stock ready to mount framed Mike Feeley art while others avail them in a variety of other finishing options. Feeley uses color carefully to make his images look as real as possible.
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Framed Forks
by Mike Feeley
16" x 14"
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