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Framed Decorative Lynn Fecteau Wall Art

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Framed Open Curtains
Open Curtains
by Lynn Fecteau
32" x 38"
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Lynn Fecteau has been creating art all her life. There has never been a time in her life when she hasn’t been creating art. She’s always wanted to be an artist ever since she was a child. She went to art school on Saturdays, when all the children in her New Jersey neighborhood had gone to football games. After she graduated from high school she attended Philadelphia College of the Arts. Her last year in college was spent on a scholarship for excellence in painting and printmaking. When creating, Lynn is always aware of the deep connection that humans have with nature. She tries to relate this in her work. She grew up in New Jersey around the shore and she remembers going out to sit on her favorite quay for hours looking out at the sea. Her focus when painting becomes so strong that everything else melts away. She finds herself in a state that’s very meditative. Her passion is ignited by the wonder of the patterns that comprise nature. She loves to capture those patterns on canvas. Beauty color and light, characterize her paintings. Working primarily in acrylic on canvas, she tries to capture the illusion of depth of space. Her art has become very popular, especially the framed Lynn Fecteau art which are today found in many collections around the world. Her hope is that she can prompt a sense of joy and calmness in all the people that experience her art. Her paintings carry a simple formula of an ocean, flowers and a window sill.
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