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Gary Faye Art

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Gary Faye pursued photography on a part time basis. This made him to attend several Ansel Adams workshops and led him to a new career as a photographer. He holds a degree in Electronics Engineering from CU Boulder and is also a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Faye grew up in the Colorado Mountains and within a short time after his studies, Faye had established himself as a professional photographer and attracted some prominent clients including but not limited to Los Angeles Philharmonic, Xeerox, Northrup, Mead, Saab, American and Continental Airlines, Compaq, Boeing, Chase, Lay's, Red Lobster Restaurants, Hines, QWest, and Sony / Columbia. The photographer gets a lot of inspiration, happiness, and motivation to work from his love for his surrounding. He wants his photographs to have the same effect on his viewers as they have on him. This is because he believes that art is a form of communication and is the most powerful because it touches the hearts of the people stirring in them strong emotional feelings. Faye hopes that when viewers take a look at his art they’ll call up their own stories and very surprising discoveries. Faye also draws inspiration on current cultural issues, his childhood experiences, and things he loves most. Today, framed Gary Faye art are highly priced by many discerning collectors and they can be found in numerous galleries and collections all over the world. His art has appeared in many solo exhibitions and shows such as the Houston, Dallas and New York Art Director's Shows.
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