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Framed Nina Farrell Wall Art

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Framed 8 Herbs
8 Herbs
by Nina Farrell
31" x 23" Frame
Price: $256.99 
Sale: $128.49
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1 Item
Nina Farrell (Born in 1974) was born in London, England. She has exhibited widely throughout the United Kingdom. Her published work includes window displays, cards, book covers and CD covers, and her private works include many individual commissions including a series of images for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Nina is mainly influenced by the process of making photograms and the unexpected visual possibilities in everyday objects. She’s also influenced by Japanese patterns and prints. She studied Fine Art Illustration at The Kent Institute of Art and Design. Her artwork begins its life in the darkroom. She has been creating artwork in the darkroom for over 15 years. She’s also experimented with all kinds of curiosities from diamond encrusted jewellery to octopus tentacles to obtain the perfect projection and silhouette. She begins her process by sourcing the right object. She has to be very carefully with her objects to make her art to be appealing to her clients. Recurring themes in her work are transformation and birth. Nina is the driving force and Creative Director behind The Wing Assignment. She works as a graphic designer and an illustrator from her darkroom and studio in South London. Nina has worked widely with private and commercial clients and has sold and exhibited her work internationally. Without the use of the camera, Nina has been creating artwork in the darkroom for more than 15 years. She has produced art in a variety of finishing options including the most popular framed Nina Farrell art.
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