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Sally Evans Art

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Framed Pine Island Palm
Pine Island Palm
by Sally Evans
32" x 45" Frame
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Price: $481.99 
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Sally Evans is an artist known for art that’s characterized with expressive colors and bold brushstrokes. She started painting using watercolors, but has since transitioned to acrylics, pastels, and mixed media. Sally covers a wide range of subjects, including beautiful beaches, deserts, and dogs, among others. When she paints animals, it's often as a way to take a break from her landscape paintings, commonly adding some whimsy to them. Sally studied graphic design at the University of Carolina, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design and Fine Art in 1987. After completing her studies, she embarked on creating graphic art, but that didn't excite her much. It's during a trip to the southwest desert that she fell in love with painting after she saw the kind of art that artists were making there, involving dramatic use of color. Since then, she hasn’t turned back on her lifelong dream of becoming a full time painter. Sally’s works are collected by Tampa Bay Magazine, Coca Cola, and US Airways. They've also been exhibited in juried shows in galleries across the U.S. She became the featured artist for a juried show called Art Harvest in 2000. The show was held in Dunedin, Florida. Besides creating own art and commissioned works, she also does a lot of work with charities, having worked with Chairs for Charity, Tour of Turtles, and Bow Wow Haus. She's a proud member of Degas Pastel Society, and The National Acrylic Painters Association. Many homes, offices, and events have differently finished art works including framed Sally Evans art.
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