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Allyn Engman Art

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Allyn Engman (Born in 1955) was born in New Haven, Connecticut. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Textile Design from Rhode Island School of Design. She loved art from her childhood and knew from her childhood that she would become a professional artist and channeled her efforts towards achieving this goal. She was raised up throughout the northeast - from Maine to Pennsylvania. Since her training her work became at once honored and respected.  She has exhibited regularly and her art has been featured in numerous art venues and magazines. She first worked as a knitwear designer and after some years, she started designing and producing a line of clothes for children called "Snapdragon." They are popular for their professionalism and quality.  Allyn went ahead and became a print designer for a dress company specializing in women’s dresses, then later she spent 5 years working as an etcher for a commercial art company. At any moment she could be seen painting anything that inspired her. She’s careful not to claim a particular style of painting or influence. Rather, it’s her hope that her viewers would have an open mind and interpret her art the way she intends them to be interpreted. For almost 20 years, most of her design work has been floral with calligraphic and architectural elements. The transparent, fragile quality of flowers is very inspiring to her and to her viewers. Allyn is further enthralled by the overall structure of flowers, such as the transition from stem to flower and from stem to leaf. The framed Allyn Engman art are a clear testimony to her dedication.
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