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Jean D'ylean Art

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Framed Marsala Florio
Marsala Florio
by Jean D'ylean
30" x 40" Frame
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Price: $357.29 
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Jean d’Ylen (Born 1866/1886) was born in Paris, France. His biographical details are scant, even his year of birth is not accurately known. The lack of biographical information about his is surprising since his success was enormous in both England and France, and he had an impressive list of clients; given also the enduring popularity of his images which were marketed then and are currently marketed extensively online at various websites such as AllPosters. However, from the style of his work it is believed that he was a pupil of the great Cappiello - that assumption is perfectly sensible. Born Jean Paul Beguin, he changed his name to Jean d'Ylen in 1912. D’Ylen studied at a municipal school of fine arts. He started off as a jewelry designer, and then in 1919 he began designing posters full-time. He served during the First World War in the Cartography Department of the French Army. This information comes from the pages of a magazine called “Posters and their Designers” in which posters and other works of art by d’Ylen took pride of place. This suggests that his reputation was at its peak during the period in which this magazine was produced. Art Deco and its stepchild, Modernism, in the persons of Jean Carlu, Cassandre, Charles Loupot and Paul Colin would sweep away poster designing in a great way and within 10 years, these examples would appear anachronistic and overblown. From around 1920s to 1930s, d’Ylen designed posters for Shell, Cusenier Liqueur, Auto Berliet, Biere Gangloff, Marsala Florio, and other products. He died in 1938, leaving behind several framed Jean d’Ylen art in many stores around the world.
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